PR & External Affairs on Your Team

without the Salary

Public affairs has become an essential part of the business toolkit. Managing your outward facing image is the difference between success and failure.


Whether you've *mostly* got it or have no clue where to start, we have managed reputation and results for small businesses, tour companies, national  voter mobilization organizations, even a member of Congress or two - the good ones.

On day one we'll take take the stress and anxiety from trying to juggle your business and your reputation and turn it into measurable results. We're here to be the expert on your team for anything that goes out to the public. This includes professionalization services, marketing, media relations and dealing with government officials. Now you've got a guy for that.

The monthly small-business survival kit

The *mostly* got it under control, plan.


Get access to the full library of forms and resources our we use with our clients for when YOU need them. We also include a monthly social media planning calendar based on the topics projected to trend each day that will save you hours of research!

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The Mid-level Plan:

All of the expertise, none of the salary

We totally get it, you don't need someone all the time, but when you need someone, you really need them.

For a fraction of the cost of hiring a PR firm or lobbyist, get monthly check-ins, strategic planning, on-call assistance, and cancel anytime!

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Special Projects

Sometimes you need something specific.


Need an audit of your exposure to investigation and bad press or want help launching a controversial product? We've done it.

We are taking decisive action on unusual problems.

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