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Congress will set the agenda for the cannabis industry and very few member of the industry know what to do about it.Catuli Consulting is committed to helping companies, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and officials understand government, how it works, and how to influence outcomes responsibly. Use our years of experience in national & state politics, education, and cannabis policy to become the best informed person in the room. 

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Want to keep up with everything Congress is doing to shape the future of cannabis and Hemp? We've got you.  CCI Reports is our base level reporting package that hits your inbox three times a week with expert level insight catered specifically to the cannabis sector.

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CCI by Catuli is published on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings between 5 and 6 am PST. Subscribers receive an email with the latest rundown on congressional action.


Subscribers get access to regular updates that are presented in an easily digestible format catered to cannabis stakeholders. Want a deep dive on each individual bill? Upgrade to our Top Shelf subscription for insight from our team of Congressional insiders. Top Shelf Members also get access to our archive of proprietary analysis products modeled after the same analysis that members of congress, legislators, and cabinet-level officials receive. Join the waitlist to be notified when we launch!


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The value of CCI comes from the years that we've spent operating in the highest levels of government, on the floors of the House of Representatives and Senate, State legislatures, advising legislatures, etc. We're willing to share our expertise with you, so don't steal from us by sharing passwords or copying our content, its rude and its also illegal. If you're interested in expanding your subscription access, just let us know!

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